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Sustainable management of industrial wastewater for a sugar industry

The ClientThe Client

About Dwarikesh Sugars

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries is a market leader in sugar, ethanol, and industrial alcohol production. The Mumbai-based company supplies 21,500 tons of sugar per day across India. Production plants are located in the state of Uttar Pradesh - Dwarikesh Nagar (Najibabad) and Dwarikesh Puram (Afzalgarh) in Bijnor district, and Dwarikesh Dham, Tehsil Faridpur in Bareilly district.

The ChallengeThe Challenge

Dwarikesh Sugars required a sustainable cooling solution for their sugar and ethanol production process. The consumption of water in their cooling towers was a primary concern.

The Sicagen SolutionThe Sicagen Solution

After a review, our team of engineers proposed an innovative solution. We perfected a technique to use second-condensate water in the cooling towers. Our treatment solution was the first-of-its-kind in India. Deployed in three plants over the course of four years, our solution has helped treat over 488,328 cubic metres of condensate water for large-scale cooling towers.


Our technology has been successfully deployed at Dwarikesh Sugars’ state-of-the-art sugar and ethanol production facilities for over four years. This has helped mitigate the industrial waste water at these plants and has made the production process more environmentally friendly.

Key TakeawaysKey Takeaways

  • Huge quantities of water consumed in sugar and ethanol production processes – making them unsustainable.
  • Sicagen partnered with Dwarikesh Sugar to make their manufacturing eco-friendly by using second-condensate water in cooling towers.
  • Since its deployment at the three production sites four years back, our technology has helped treat 488,328 cubic metres of condensate water.

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