Oil Field Chemicals

Oil Field Chemicals manufactured by Sicagen are used in the different stages of drilling, completing and producing oil and gas wells. Due to the presence of oil fields and rich reserves in various parts of India, oil field chemical companies are on demand. These chemicals are made by the components of common inorganic salts, metal compounds, organic chemicals, solvents, polymers and surfactants. We deal with many of the chemical products manufactured by oil field chemical manufacturers in India that include oxygen scavenger, demulsifiers, defoamers, biocides, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and paraffin dispersants. Apart from these there are other significant products that are used in India such as oil demulsifiers that are recommended to separate water from crude oil and polyelectrolyte or deoilers which are effective in oil recovery. Scale inhibitors prevent scaling by blocking the flow of fluids through the pipelines, pumps and valves. They also reduce the damage to the oil production equipments. Oxygen scavenger which reduces corrosion from dissolved oxygen. Similarly, demulsifiers are used to remove impurities from the oil while defoamers prevent formation of foam. Biocides can effectively control bacterial activities in oil. By providing a wide range of options of our customers, we ensure all their demands are well taken care of.


We supply oilfield chemicals such as chemical biocides, oxygen scavenger, oilfield oxygen scavenger, corrosion inhibitors, biocides & demulsifies which are of critical importance to the oil & gas industry. Our oilfield chemicals play an important role in improving processing speeds in the harshest of work environments.

Sicagen – Specchem – have a wide range of Oil Field Biocides – Amine base – Aldehyde base – Amine and Aldehyde free – biocide.

It is a bactericide for control of mixed bacteria in both aerobic and anaerobic (including sulphate reducers) in fresh water, sea water and low brines.

Biocides a mixture of Specific compound and other proprietary chemicals. The surfactant included increases the effectiveness for a broad sustained action with good penetrating qualities.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Our Corrosion inhibitor is a water-soluble organic corrosion inhibitor. SCI- is biodegradable. SCI- is designed to control internal corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen in Oil & Gas production systems, Gas pipe lines, Water storage / Injection systems and pipelines.

SCI- is a specially designed corrosion inhibitor. SCI- effectively controls corrosion by dissolved oxygen. It shows excellent results when injected continuously or batch treatment. It can be used to treat water cut well flow lines, process equipment and water storage. SCI- is particularly suitable for pipelines application where it will partition predominantly into the water phase ensuring effective treatment of water setting out at low spots.

Sicagen – Specchem have other ranges of organic corrosion inhibitor intended for use in oil pipeline and production equipment. It is filming amine type corrosion inhibitor. It is water dispersible. It is a mixture of filming amines and volatile neutralizers in hydrocarbon solvent. It is efficient for prevention of H2S and CO2 corrosion. The product is freeze stable, non corrosive and can be stored in steel drums.


DF- can be used effectively in most water based fluids & all brine types.

DF- is used to eliminate foam from water drilling fluids & brines. Originally designed for brine foam prevention.

DF- can be used to remove foam in brines, drilling & drill-in fluids.


SF – is a surfactant used to modify surface tension and / or build foam during stimulation operations.

SF – is a perfect blending of Co-Polymer and organic compound dissolved in water.

SF – should be used as 1% – 2% addition to fracturing fluids solution and a positive displacement pump is advised for accurate metering. Further upstream the unit, the better mixing with the emulsion of the demulsifier is achieved.

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