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As an expert integrated water management solutions provider, Sicagen has all the necessary expertise in facilitating the procurement, manufacturing and supply of cooling tower water treatment chemicals. Sicagen serves wide range of industry segments ranging from agro industries to power plants and refineries. The relevance of cooling tower water treatment has been growing with time and acceptance among the reputed business and corporate houses. It further increases the demand for the choicest of chemicals recommended for the water treatment procedure.

Our role goes beyond being mere suppliers in order to play a very effective role as consultants. You can be assured that all your concerns with the choice of chemicals and other specifications associated with cooling tower water treatment will be duly addressed from time to time by the experts in the field. Our approach is based on advanced scientific methods and time tested practices in the industry, giving us a clear edge at every phase of our involvement. Our solutions are customised to effectively address the specific needs and demands of diverse industries. By also maintaining proactive timelines, our commitment to our clients in offering seamless experiences has only been growing with time.

Once Through System Treatment

A once-through cooling water system passes water through the heat exchangers only one time before discharging it. Recirculation does not occur, therefore, mineral content of the cooling water remains virtually unchanged as it passes through the system. Typically, large volumes of water are used and discharged in once-through systems.

Open Re-circulation System Treatment
Sicagen Spechhem offers a full line of products for open re-circulation cooling applications.

The open re-circulation system is perhaps the most commonly encountered cooling system in the industry. These units are basically open to the atmosphere, where heat is expelled through the process of evaporation. Evaporation and the cooling effect it brings lowers the temperature of the bulk water, which circulates through various types of heat exchange equipment, picks up heat, and returns to the “open” tower to repeat the cycle.

Closed Loop System Treatment

Closed re-circulation systems use heat exchangers and circulate water in a closed loop with negligible evaporation to the atmosphere. Heat is transferred to the closed cooling water loop by heat exchange equipment and removed from the closed system loop by a second exchange of heat. Sicagen Specchem offers a full line of products for closed loop cooling applications.

Cleaning & Passivation
Corrosion of metal can be prevented through the use of an effective protective barrier. It is therefore extremely important to properly prepare a surface to receive protection, and then quickly and completely apply the protecting media to effectively protect that surface. Preparing the surface may be called pre-treatment or passivation.

The MACBIND- 30 EX and STRESSPERZ Cooling System Passivation Program:

  • Is easy to use and apply — one-step cleaning and passivation program.
  • Can be supplied with the system’s first fill or during hydro-testing to minimize flash rusting.
  • Eliminates concern over calcium or iron phosphate deposition during passivation.
  • Does not require heavy blow down to rid the system of phosphate prior to unit start-up/heat load.
  • Minimizes production downtime by providing a fast return to normal operation.
  • Provides an easy transition to normal cooling system operation
  • Uses real-time monitoring to easily control the amount of chemicals required during passivation.
Corrosion and Scale Control
We offer unique chemistry such as NON-P scale inhibitors, silica scale inhibitor, white rust inhibitor, and copper and copper alloy corrosion inhibitor.

Chemicals like

  • Molybdates, Nitrites & Silicate based inhibitors
  • Poly & Organophosphonate based inhibitors
  • Organophosphonate based inhibitor
  • Zinc & Organophosphonate based inhibitor
  • Zinc, Organophosphonate and Ortho phosphate based inhibitor
  • Zinc, Meta / Pyro Phosphate based inhibitor
  • Zinc, Meta / Pyro Phosphate and Organophosphonate based inhibitor
  • Meta/ Pyro Phosphate based inhibitor
  • Zinc Based inhibitor
  • Phosphono succinic oligomers (PSO ) inhibitors
Bio Control

Sicagen – Specchem have a wide range of Oxidizing and Non Oxidizing Biocides that are effective in many different cooling water applications, including open recirculating cooling towers, once-through cooling systems, closed loop cooling systems, air washers, cooling ponds, thermal energy storage tanks, and pasteurizers.

Oxidizing Biocides:

  • Chlorine and Its Various forms
  • Bromine
  • Chlorine di Oxide
  • Ozone
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Halogen donors
  • Halogen releasing compounds.

Non Oxidizing Biocide:

  • MBT – Based Biocide
  • Quat – Based Biocide
  • Amine- Based Biocide
  • DBNPA- Based Biocide
  • Bronopol – Based Biocide
  • Dichlorophene- Based Biocide
  • Gluteraldehyde- Based Biocide
  • Isothiozoline – Based Biocide
  • Carbamate- Based Biocide
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