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Sicagen has its special and exclusive focus in delivering solutions for sugar industries. Sugar manufacturing process seems to be simple as it’s made by extracting the juice from the sugarcane by cutting it into small pieces. But, the juice has to be cleared of impurities and further boiled to get tiny sugar crystals which are further processed to develop sizable or larger crystals.

Sugar processing chemicals are used to refine or purify the sugar. These are essential chemicals that assist in producing hygienic, polished and processing of sugar. We deal with several of the chemicals for sugar industries that are both valuable as well as essential. BIOCHEM 1075 Sugar Luster Chemical is used to give an extra shine to the sugar while FLOCCULANT is used to reduce the retention time during clarification stage by increasing the setting rate. Laboratory trails are often recommended as the purification process depends on local conditions in many ways. BIOCHEM 1051 is a colour precipitant available in liquid form used for decolorizing the juices or syrup. Similarly, BIOFLOT is known as floating agent as it is very effective for the float formation. SIL- 401 is formulated to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria in sugarcane mill. It is effective in recovery of stored sugar by reducing inversion of bacteria. We facilitate all the essential chemicals for the sugar manufacturing companies.

These water-soluble surfactants have high dispersing power towards inorganic salts. In the evaporators, they inhibit scale formation by modifying the crystals, improving heat transfer and crushing capacity between cleanings.


  • Improved heat transfer through clean evaporating surfaces.
  • Reduced steam/fuel consumption.
  • Minimum number of cleaning per season.
  • Prevention of over-loading of vacuum pans.
  • Enhanced equipment life.
Mill Sanitation Chemicals
These are specifically developed organic biocides for improved anitation/hygiene in sugarcane juice and sugar mills. These are vastly superior to conventional chemicals lime ammonium bifluoride, bleaching powder and other halogen compounds.
  • Lethal to fungus, molds and rots.
  • Low dosage, hence economical.
  • No continuous dosage is required.
  • Leaves no residue in the system.
  • Miscible freely with water and does not cause any turbidity.
  • Non-corrosive and harmless to equipment.
  • Easy handling.
  • Bio – degradable.
Corrosion and Scale Control
We offer unique chemistries such as NON-P scale inhibitors, silica scale inhibitor, white rust inhibitor, and copper and copper alloy corrosion inhibitor.

Chemicals Like

  • Low Molecular weight Homo polymer
  • Low Molecular weight Co-polymer
  • Organophosphonates

Our antifoam range is designed to provide optimum antifoam performance combined with good dilution stability and good foam knock down performance. The products possess quick dispersing properties in system without forming of lumps and are stable over wide pH range and temperature.

For optimal performance, use our industrial lime scale descaler to remove scale and other non-soluble sediments from your heat exchangers, boilers, chiller tubes, steam generators and other critical components.

Lime scale robs your systems of efficiency, costing time and money. Stay on top of scale removal with Scale Break industrial descaler, our scale removal chemical to eliminate water scale, mud, rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits safely and effectively.

Viscosity Reducer
These organic chemicals have been exclusively developed for lowering the viscosity of massecuites in the pan. By reducing surface tension, they improve boiling efficiency, crystallization, centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses - all resulting in improved sugar crystals and sugar recovery.


  • Improved fluidity.
  • Reduced boiling time.
  • Improved circulation.
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