Textile Processing Chemicals

Supplying chemicals for textile industries is one of the core areas of focus for us at Sicagen. Textile fibers mostly consisting of wool, cotton and silk are natural. Fabric of nylon, viscorse, polyester and acrylic would require manufacturing process. Textile chemical processing is done to improve absorbency by removing the added or natural impurities. The application of Textile Processing Chemicals includes dyeing, bleaching, printing, and finishing the fiber. There are various solutions available some of which are acetic acid is used for dyeing. It’s a corrosive and colourless liquid unlike Citric Acid which is used as a moderating agent for dyeing. It is colourless translucent crystal. Formic Acid is recommended for dyeing of cotton and woollen fabric and similarly Nitric Acid acts as an oxidising agent and is used to manufacture the dyes. Oxalic Acid is used to remove ink stains and bleach straws of hats. It is crystalline solid with water molecules and is colourless. Liquid Ammonia is used to remove grease in dry cleaning. It has a pungent smell, alkaline taste and is colourless. Soda Ash or washing soda is used to soften the water. Caustic Soda is white crystalline solid used to mercerizing cotton. Sodium Silicate is used as a fixing agent for rending the garments as fire proof. Common Salt is also used to exhaust dyeing with reactive and direct dyes. We will deliver wide range of chemical solutions as per the industry demands.

Sizing Agents
Sizing binder is an ideal acrylic polymer sizing binder which works as substitute product of PVA in size recipe.

Product for Small Scale Unit

Highly Cost Effective

  • Highly adhesive and film maker
  • Gets penetrated fast into yarn (cotton, PV, PC with different specification like (6 s to 100 s), (48 reeds to 300 reeds), (40 pick to 300 pick).
  • Penetrate into warp yarn very fast and in large quantity
  • Desizing is very easy and fast (with water) 1kg PVA(173) = 2.0 kg

Chemical Details of M-Bind

  • Appearance: Milky white : jelly
  • Odor: smell less
  • Chemical type: polymer
  • Solid content: 30% (+ or – 2%)
  • PH: 9%
  • Drying: fast
  • Chemical reaction: no chemical reaction
Wetting & Scouring Agents
"Gentan" - is a low foaming, biodegradable wetter-scouring agent and includes solvents. This product is excellent for desizing, scouring, bleaching or dying.

Gentan-CONC can be used with alpha amylase or cellulase enzyme without decreasing the enzyme performance and also perform as a multi-purpose detergent product formulated for effective use in Garment Wash procedures. Improve scouring. Excellent detergency. Improves suspension of size and dyes.

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